We know why working out
can be so hard
what's your excuse ?
too busy
too boring
too unmotivated
too skeptical
You won't be making excuses when you start to look awesome !!
How does realcardio work ?
1. Open a workout category
2. Click workout routines and add them to your stage
3. Press Play to begin your workout
4. Save it again for later and share it with others
Try it out

your workout stage

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Workout Variety
You can create as many workouts as you want. Or you can follow someone else's workouts. The purpose is to give you constant variety so you don't get bored working out!

Any tips on building a workout?
  • Add rest breaks between your routines.

  • Mix workout categories on your stage.

  • Move your routines and rest breaks up and down on your stage.

  • Routines will play from top to bottom. Click 'Play Workout' and follow along!
YouTube workouts? Really?
Yes, definitely! Okay, you're right, there are some pretty bad workouts on YouTube, but there are also some VERY good ones. Those are the ones I'm after.

Will you help me find them?
Workout variety to prevent boredom